Business Email

Managed Exchange/IMAP/POP Hosting

No matter what your requirements, Cloudsmart has reliable and secure email hosting solutions for your business. From robust enterprise class Exchange hosting with shared calendars, contacts and tasks to traditional IMAP or POP hosting, Cloudsmart has an email solution that fits your organizations budget.

Secure Email Hosting

Email is one of the most beneficial and cost-effective of all Internet applications. Cloudsmart has invested considerable time and effort in developing a suite of scalable Internet email solutions to meet any business need. These include IMAP and POP mail hosted on Cloudsmart‘s redundant system, Webmail, Office 0365,  dedicated Microsoft Exchange hosting, and Kerio MailServer hosting.

Email Add-Ons

Email delivery not only needs to be reliable, it needs to have resiliency and security built in. Whether hosting your email solution with Cloudsmart, on-premise, or with another provider, we have email add-ons that ensures high availability. With features like mail-bagging services, we capture all messages for minimal lapse in communication in the event your email environment is disrupted.

Email Archiving

Store and search critical email for business, legal and compliance purposes. Email archiving is the modern version of traditional, centralized correspondence files, e.g. chronological files, that have historically provided organizations with reliable documentation separate from individual employee-managed papers.

E-Discovery and Email Archiving Solutions

Email archiving ensures compliance and reduces liability for organizations of all sizes. Email is always retained and captured even if end-users intentionally or unintentionally delete content. To keep compliance simple, an innovative front-end allows those departments and personnel to efficiently search content with E-Discovery functionality. Web interfaces for archiving can be assigned granular permissions so that only relevant departments or personnel can access archived data.

Protect your important data

The emergence of email as the dominant form of business communication has caused more and more organizations to implement email archiving in order to satisfy crucial administrative, legal and regulatory requirements.

Although it may be possible to find and recover email from the desktop or mail server without archiving, this process comes with problems and pitfalls. There is no guarantee that relevant emails have not been deleted by the recipient, and even if the relevant email exists, search and recovery will usually take considerable time and effort.


Fortified Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Perimeter Protection

Protect your email from spam or malicious content before it can get to your environment. Anti-spam and anti-virus perimeter scanning ensures the utmost protection while reducing both computer and staffing resources.

Perimeter Security

Block over 99 percent of spam and eliminate associated costs with Cloudsmart’s multi-tiered system. Reduce internal resources by scanning at the perimeter before routing to your environment.

  • Virus/Trojan/Ransomware/Worm Prevention – Enhanced protection against malicious threats
  • Content and attachment filtering. Improve email server performance with perimeter based scanning and filtering
  • Heuristic analysis for real-time threat protection
  • Reduce corporate liability and risk while increasing staff productivity
  • Email attack perimeter protection – Shield your network from vulnerability and attacks
  • Quarantine management – Customize how quarantined mail is handled.
  • Around-the-clock monitoring and protection via exceptional and responsive local support staff
  • User-managed web interface

Spam Reduction (Cloudsmart® Anti-Spam) and Anti-Virus

Cloudsmart’s Anti-Spam product is proven to reduce unwanted email by 95% or more including almost all offensive and objectionable email. Cloudsmart uses a three-tier system that employs outright-rejection, quarantine and tagging. Cloudsmart Spam Reduction works with both in-house (on-premise) email servers and Cloudsmart hosted email.

Our unique approach to anti-spam and anti-virus security means you can rest easy knowing that your email is safe and you’re receiving only the content you want.